Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Republican No More!

     Are you like me and have had enough with politics as usual?  Has your level of disgust with career politicians and the Elite class in D.C. that the teacher from the Charlie Brown series makes more sense to you than when they open their mouths to speak? Then you are in good company.
     With the never-ending fiasco continuation of the failure that is Obamacare, and the continued funding of Planned Parenthood, Republicans are sacrificing their souls under the guise of non-partisan politics.  It would seem that ever since Bush left office Republicans have, either consciously or subconsciously, been paying penance for his actions by means of being in a constant state of bending over for the Democrats to do whatever they feel.  This has lead to the adequate label of RINO; Republican In Name Only, and by God in Heaven, there are way too many of them. The newest term of cuck-servative has sprung, and no matter what label you give these career, slick tongued Republican, they have GOT TO GO!  I am tired of being tired of their naivete, gullibility, and general dumb-assery.
     American needs are being overlooked and cast aside for a wide variety of reasons, mostly due to the shady back door deals that most of us will never know, and I have had enough of constant campaigning lip-service.  Americans should not suffer because of a slick tongued, spineless, brain-dead politician .  Which is why I am now associating myself with the Common Sense Party, and all are welcome to join!  There are, however, some ground rules and basic beliefs that all must accept to be a member.
     Those who join the Common Sense Party do so knowing that you, and only you, have complete control over your station in life.  The government is not your meal ticket to sitting on your rear-end and not exploring your God given talents and potential!  This party firmly believes that whatever choice you make in your life, you have to understand, and take on the full responsibility, that there are consequences for your actions.
     This is a party accepting of anyone from any walk of life, young or old, whatever religious beliefs you associate yourself with is fine too, the biggest thing though is that you can't be a jerk.  A member of the LGBT community?  You're welcome in the party!    In the spirit of transparency, there is a test for entry, which is a short basic American Civics test that you should have passed in Elementary school.  There ARE term limits, so leadership cannot hold lifetime appointed positions within the party.  The party's platform is firm, yet fair to all.
     Would you care to hear more?  Part two is coming with the Party's platform. Stay Tuned!

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