Monday, July 31, 2017

The Whipping Post

     "BREAKING NEWS" of the "Russian Investigation"  is exactly like the stereotypical younger sibling who constantly wants attention for nothing in particular.  In an investigation that feels like it has been underway for a century, we still have yet to have anything concrete linking the Russian government to "hacking" our 2017 Presidential election. In all honesty, if there was anything concrete then it would be leaked by now. Let's face that head on, there are no secrets in the Trump White House, and what we continue to have bombard us in our news feed is conjecture and hopeful wishes of Trump's demise.
     On the side of Trump supporters is the latest undercover video showing John Bonifield saying, whether in an edited context or not, that what CNN is doing with the Russian story is all about the "ratings".  It's not about bringing facts to the table, it's not about uncovering the truth, it's not about making our elections secure, it's about ratings that yield more revenue streaming into pockets of CNN.
     Argue with me if you want, but that's what politicians do as well.  Main stream media news outlets and politicians are not about truth, justice, nor American values, they're about money, power, and greed.  Money is the "truth" in politics and for those covering it.  Isn't it interesting why media outlets tend to prefer those of the Liberal or Democrat line of thought than a Conservative or Republican?  The answer will always circle back to money, greed, and ultimately power.
     The Russian story is nonsense.  The people reporting on it have no integrity. The desperation from the MSM and from anti-Trumpers on the Russian story reeks like old garbage.  As a nation and as a world, we have more actual news happening deserving of coverage, yet money remains king and what yields profit will gain the most attention.  The truth is sacrificed in the name of profit.

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