Sunday, January 28, 2018

AMERICA FIRST! Trump Storms Davos! AMERICA FIRST! Trump Storms Davos!

"America First does not mean America alone!"- President Donald Trump, Davos, 2018 Vito DiGiovanni took the night off so Vito Palmeri goes at it alone tonight on The Vito and Vito Show! Vito P goes up against the Fake News media as Trump takes Davos by storm! Hear what Vito has to say about America First and the unfavorable coverage against the President. Listen to why America First means a more prosperous and stronger America and why the Globalist elites fear a Trump trade plan. Vito P also takes on The White House's new immigration plan, if legalizing 1.8 million illegal immigrants is a good enough compromise for Democrats (spoiler: nope!) and if Trump will cave on the most important issue facing the country! Vito P tries his hardest to convince Trump that Democrats are just in it for themselves and how he shouldn't be fooled! Also, Vito P is joined by Bob Capano, a former New York City Council candidate and Kings County Reform Party Chair in this weeks "Why The Hell Am I Still in This Liberal S-Hole?!" edition of The Vito and Vito Show! Mayor Comrade de Blasio wants to legalize heroin injection facilitates here in New York City. Hear what the Mayor wants to do next and how we can stop it! Also, Bob explains his take on one of the more competitive races in the country as Rep. Dan Donovan (R) is being primaried by former congressman Michael Grimm! Its MAGA vs RINO! Hear all the action and more on The Vito and Vito Show...minus a Vito! But only for this week!

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