Friday, February 16, 2018

Introducing the Disgusting, Degenerate, Democratic Party! Introducing the Disgusting, Degenerate, Democratic Party!

Vito and Vito rip apart Liberal Democrats and their push to politicize a national tragedy with the Florida school shooting. Hear Vito and Vito as they attack the "Mainstream Liberal Fake News Media", as they seek to undermine Trump voters, attack the second amendment and slam Republicans. Vito and Vito do not hold back when the "Boys from Brooklyn" attack the left and expose their new gun grabbing scheme! Vito and Vito also go off on the Senate Democrats and RINO Republicans as they seek to legalize thousands of illegal immigrants in an attempt to undermine American workers, wages and culture. Hear how the boys rip apart the Flake, Collins, and the new "Gang of 8" that seek to destroy the country for their big business, cheap labor friends! Plus, live from Stormy Daniels apartment, Fuggedaboutit moments of the week! Vito and Vito call out the "Disgusting, Degenerate Democratic Party"!!!

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