About Us

The Vito and Vito Show originated in Brooklyn, New York, from the minds of two young, college conservatives, Vito DiGiovanni and Vito Palmeri. Vito and Vito were always interested in politics and during the summer of 2013, both decided to combine their love for politics and their need for job experience by finding campaign work for John Catsimatidis’ campaign for New York City Mayor. Working out of Bensonhurst's Brooklyn GOP Headquarters, Vito and Vito found friends in Russell Gallo and Gene Berardelli, hosts of the award winning Behind Enemy Lines radio show.

After a rugged election season, the Vito's were invited to join the Brooklyn Young Republicans. Vito and Vito attended the meetings and become much more involved in the GOP's grassroots efforts.

After establishing themselves as serious political students and activists, Russell and Gene asked Vito and Vito to join them for their weekly radio show, Brooklyn GOP Radio (now Behind Enemy Lines). After continuous appearances on the show, the Vito's were approached with the proposition of hosting the show one night. Accepting the offer, both Palmeri and DiGiovanni enjoyed their time on the show, and apparently, were good enough to be invited back once more.

The rest is history.

With the perspectives of two college aged millennial conservatives committed to defending the principles of free markets, liberty and individualism, Vito and Vito bring a unique voice to the political debate. The boys from Brooklyn bring philosophical, moral, practical and legal questions and topics to the table, along with fun, light-hearted jokes meant to create an enjoyable hour of political discussion, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum.

Scoring interviews with former Presidential candidates like Michele Bachmann, officials such as Congressmen Stockman and Gosar, Senators Harvey and Sasse, Governor Bevin, critically acclaimed authors like David Limbaugh, Colin Flattery and Richard Miniter, former ambassadors like John Bolton, grassroots favorites like Dennis Michael Lynch and other political figures like Van Hipp, David Keane, SABO, and so many more. Vito and Vito are here with the latest news makers and shakers asking the tough questions.

Having made appearances on television and radio, as well as speaking at some of the most prominent Republican clubs in the country, Vito and Vito are dedicated to bringing “fire brand” conservatism, libertarian-ism and objectivism to the forefront of the political landscape.