Check out some Official "Vito and Vito Show" photos right here! 

Here you can find all the official "Vito and Vito Show" photos. From famous celebrities to live shots of the hosts during the broadcast, be sure to check back for some updated content...who knows, you might even show up on here ("I always feel like somebody's watching me!").
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Vito D. selfie with Dr. Rand Paul

Vito P., Gov. Rick Perry, Mona, Vito D., and Gene in New Hampshire

Vito D. and Danny Aiello at the 2014 Heartshare Dinner

Vito D. and Gene from Behind Enemy Lines at the 2014 Heartshare Dinner
Mona and Vito D. with Gov. Scott Walker!
Vito and Vito with the Benham Bros.

Throwback: The Vito and Vito Show live with Gene from Brooklyn GOP Radio

Vito and Vito with Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina

Vito and Vito with former Journey front man, Steve Augeri
Vito and Vito with the Obama toilet paper!
Vito and Vito at the Values Voter Summit 2014
Vito and Vito with Lt. Col. Allen West
Holly Fisher, Vito and Vito, Wayne DuPree and Krystal Heath
Vito D. with Senator Fred Thompson
Vito and Vito with Wayne DuPree
Mona, Vito and Vito with Rep. Michele Bachmann
"Hercules! Hercules!" - Vito and Vito with Kevin Sorbo
Vito and Vito speaking at Liberty Fest 2015

Vito and Vito at CPAC 2015

Vito and Vito with Behind Enemy Lines' Gene Berardelli in Philadelphia

Vito P. and Mona with Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gov. Gary Johnson

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